FibroScan is a non-invasive medical system used to assess the diploma of liver fibrosis (scarring) and the presence of liver steatosis (fatty liver). It uses a unique gadget that emits a vibration or sound wave to the liver, that is then measured through an ultrasound probe.

During the method, the affected person lies on their lower back with their proper arm raised above their head. A small amount of gel is applied to the skin over the proper side of the stomach, and the FibroScan probe is located on the pores and skin. The probe sends a chain of sound waves through the liver, that are pondered back and measured by the machine.


The effects of the FibroScan are displayed as a numerical fee referred to as a "Liver Stiffness Measurement" (LSM), which is a hallmark of the quantity of liver fibrosis. The better the LSM, the greater excessive the liver fibrosis. The FibroScan also determines the amount of fat inside the liver, known as a "CAP" rating.

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FibroScan is a non-invasive medical device that uses ultrasound technology to measure the stiffness and elasticity of the liver. It is used to diagnose and monitor liver diseases such as hepatitis B and C, cirrhosis, and fatty liver disease.

During the procedure, the patient lies on their back with their right arm raised behind their head. The technician applies a gel to the skin over the liver and places the FibroScan probe on the skin. The probe emits a small vibration that is transmitted through the liver, and the resulting sound waves are analyzed to measure liver stiffness.