Liver Diseases

The liver is an critical organ within the body that plays a number of functions, which include processing nutrients, producing bile to useful resource in digestion, and filtering pollution from the blood.

Treatment for liver sicknesses will rely on the underlying purpose and severity of the circumstance. In some instances, lifestyle adjustments including warding off alcohol, preserving a healthful weight, and handling diabetes can help sluggish or prevent liver harm. Medications, surgery, or liver transplantation may also be necessary for extra excessive cases.


Hepatitis: Inflammation of the liver caused by viral contamination (hepatitis A, B, C, D, or E) or by exposure to pollutants or drugs.

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Liver diseases are a group of conditions that affect the liver's structure and function. They can be caused by various factors such as infections, genetics, alcohol abuse, and medications.

Common liver diseases include hepatitis, cirrhosis, fatty liver disease, liver cancer, and autoimmune liver diseases such as primary biliary cholangitis and autoimmune hepatitis.